Canadian Online Training Modules

What is the CISEC On-Line Training Program?

Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. and IECA have teamed together to develop a Canadian CISEC Inspector On-Line Training Program that emulates the existing In-Person program.

What Material is in the On-Line Program?

The Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. On-Line Program material is the same as what is presented with our In-Person Program. Specifically, the training modules cover the following topics:

Module 1: Rules and Regulations
  • Due Diligence
  • Regulatory Requirements: Federal and Provincial (where applicable)
  • Environmental Protection
  • Legal Liability
  • Non-Compliance
Module 2: Background Material
  • Definitions
  • Topographic Assessments
  • A Primer on Hydrology
  • Information about Polymer Systems
  • Critical Inspector Background Requirements
    • SWPPPs and BMPs
    • Communication
    • Recognizing limitations
  • CISEC Code of Ethics
  • Understanding a SWPPP
  • Understanding S&EC Drawings
Module 3: Inspecting BMPs
  • Understanding the Phases of Construction
  • Conducting, Writing, and Assessing Inspection Reports
  • Inspecting Construction Site BMPs
    • Barriers
      • Types and methods
      • Check structures
      • Inlet and area drain structures
      • Turbidity structures
    • Sediment Containment Systems
    • Stabilized construction entrances
    • Erosion control practices
      • Structural methods
      • Vegetation
      • Mulches
      • RECPs, ECBs, and TRMs
    • Compost
    • Polymer systems
    • Wind/Dust control methods
    • Concrete washouts
    • Hazardous and waste materials
Module 4: Conducting Inspections
  • Inspection Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Report Requirements
    • BMP Maintenance
    • Documentation
    • Communication
    • Working with Contractors and Clients
  • Virtual Inspection of a Construction Site
    • Scenario No. 1: During grading conditions
    • Scenario No. 2: During construction conditions

 More detailed information on the modules can be found in the CISEC training manual, which we advise be downloaded from (Canadian Online Study Guide) for use while you complete the On-Line program.

It is now feasible to take the Canadian CISEC intermediate level training modules at home, office, trailer, or in your favorite coffee shop. The On-Line program allows you to skip sections, select specific topics, stop and return to the presentation at a later time, or review selective material to enhance your background. In other words, you control the learning pace of the training modules to prepare for the CAN-CISEC Certification examination while minimizing your costs.

What are the Costs for the Modules?

There are two ways you can purchase the Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. On-Line training program material. You can either purchase the modules individually or all four at the following costs (all prices are in Canadian Dollars):

  • Module 1 (two parts): IECA Member:  $ 152 ,  Non-Member:  $167
  • Module 2 (one part): IECA Member:  $ 76,  Non-Member:  $82
  • Module 3 (three parts): IECA Member:  $228,  Non-Member:  $243
  • Module 4 (two parts): IECA Member:  $152,  Non-Member:  $167
  • Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4 (eight parts) : Member:  $ 450 CDN,  Non-Member:  $475 CDN

Enrollment into the CISEC On-Line training modules is a simple task by going to and following the easy instructions. After enrollment, registrants have one month to complete the CISEC training modules.

How can one take the CISEC Certification Examination after Completing the On-Line Training Program?

Soon after registering for the On-Line training modules, you should submit an application (Link to Proctor Page) for Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. to evaluate your qualifications to sit for the exam. Approved applicants can also sit for the test wherever an In-Person CISEC Program is presented or with an approved proctor.

Should you have any questions about what is presented, please contact us: