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Who is a CDSEC??

A Certified Designer of Sediment and Erosion Control (CDSEC), is an individual who has demonstrated his or her proficiency in the design and review of Sediment and Erosion Control (S&EC) Reports and Plans (e.g., ESC, SWPPPs, and SWMPs).

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An applicant becoming a CDSEC will have the following background:
  • A comprehensive understanding about sediment and erosion processes and how the discharge of pollutants associated with construction activities may impact the environment.
  • The ability to understand federal regulations associated with the NPDES discharge permit. 
  • Ability to design and review construction site S&EC Reports and Plans.

The ability to communicate orally and to develop written documentation. Applicant’s abilities, skills, experience and knowledge of S&EC and storm water pollution prevention will be assessed through testing as provided by the CDSEC professional certification program.

Applicant Evaluation

Applicants must have the following qualifications to take the CDSEC examination:

Total Professional Education and Experience required:
Seven (7) years

Can be a combination of the following:

Work Experience*
Associate Degree**
Bachelor Degree**
Masters Degree**
Doctorate Degree**

7 Years
2 Years
4 Years
5 Years
5 Years

*Work Experience:

  • Designing and reviewing SWPPPs/SWMPs/ESC Reports, Erosion & Sediment Control Plans
  • Hydrology analysis
  • Soil Loss Prediction Modeling (RUSLE/MUSLE)
  • Foreign design and review experience may apply (please contact us)
  • Inspection of Sediment & Erosion Control and/or Stormwater Pollution Prevention items (limited to 1 (one) year with other design and/or review experience)

**Acceptable Degree Programs:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Soil Science
  • Water Resources
  • Hydrology
  • Environmental Science/Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering

Full credit or partial credit can be given for other Degree Programs as approved by the Board of Directors. Additional credit can be given for approved qualifications outside of the areas listed above. Please submit your request to administrator@ecopliant.org for review prior to submittal of your application material.

Required Documents as Part of Submittal:

  • Official Transcripts (College)
  • Professional License (must be current)
  • Three References (see application for form)

Within 21 days after Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. receives a complete application packet (including material from three references), applicants will be informed by e-mail of their eligibility to sit for the certification examination.

To download the Application and Reference form, please refer to this LINK.

CDSEC Status

To become a certified registrant, an applicant must pass their written examination with a grade of 75% or higher. Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. requires up to 72 Hours (holidays and weekends not included) to grade and notify an applicant as to their results.

To maintain their designation status with Ecopliant Environmental, Inc., all CDSEC registrants are expected to pay an annual (and if applicable, late and reinstatement) fees, submit 12 Professional Development Hours (PDHs),  and sign an annual contract. For more information, please refer to our Renewals page.