Canadian Classes & Examinations Information

Classes and examinations Information:

Live Webinar Four Modules Training:

Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. is offering our Live Webinar Training covering the Four Training Modules multiple times during the year.  Click HERE to register for our next live webinar.

Module 4 Live Webinar Training:

Would you like a short refresher training or need PDHs?  We are offering Module 4: Conducting Construction Site Inspections in a Live Webinar on the third day of our Live Webinar Training.  Click HERE to access information on the Module 4 Live Webinar.

On-Line Recorded Training:

Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. and IECA have teamed together to develop a CAN-CISEC Inspector Recorded On-Line Training Program that emulates the existing In-Person program. Now, the nationwide CAN-CISEC Training Modules for inspectors of sediment and erosion control and storm water management are available anytime and anywhere through IECA. Information about the On-Line Recorded Training Modules can be found at this LINK.  Also, enrollment into the CAN-CISEC Recorded On-Line training modules is a simple task by going to and following the easy instructions.

Certification Examinations:

Please refer to the following LINK for information regarding On-Line Certification Examinations. Please contact us at for more information and how to sign up.