What Qualifies for PDHs/CDHs?

What Qualifies for Professional Development Hours (PDHs)/Continuing Education Hours (CDHs)?

Design or Review Related Activities:

Completing design or review related activities can count up to 4 hours PDHs/CDHs.

  • Inspection: 20 to 40 hours/year = 1 hours PDH/CDH
  • Inspection: 41 to 100 hours/year = 2 hours PDH/CDH
  • Inspection: 101 to 180 hours/year = 3 hours PDH/CDH
  • Inspection:  More than 180 hours/year = 4 PDH/CDH

Volunteer Related Activities:

Volunteer activities that involve the environment can count up to 6 hours PDHs/CDHs.
Examples of volunteer activities can include proctoring the Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. examinations (requires approval), trash clean-up, planting of trees (or other vegetation), trail rehabilitation, serving on the Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. committees, etc.
If you are unsure if an activity applies, please contact us: cdh_renewals@ecopliant.org.

Attendance at Professional Forums:

Attending professional forms (e.g., IECA, StormCon, APWA, TRIECA, EPA Conferences, Landscape Expo, etc.) can count up to 8 hours PDHs/CDHs.
This includes visiting Expo Halls and attending educational papers/demonstrations during those conferences.

Attendance at Educational Forums:

Attending educational forms (e.g., classroom training, in-house training, tail-gate sessions, lunch and learn, etc.) can count up to 8 hours PDHs/CDHs.
This can include trainings hosted by your company, cities, counties, etc.

Some places you can go to obtain educational PDHs/CDHs online are:

Presenting or Publishing Technical Papers:

Presenting or publishing a technical document can count up to 2 hours PDHs/CDHs.
This can include short articles for environmental magazines, newsletters, on-line publications, etc.  It can also include presenting environmentally related topics to groups.


Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. recognizes that not all activities will fall into one of the above categories and have created an additional category.  Items that fall into this category can count up to 8 hours PDHs/CDHs.

Examples can include:

  • Taught Environmental Classes (this is more involved than presenting a short paper).
  • Perform Water Quality Monitoring (maximum of 3 PDHs/CDHs)
  • Other items will require approval by Ecopliant Environmental, Inc.  Please contact us to discuss at cdh_renewals@ecopliant.org

Please do not hesitate to contact us at cdh_renewasl@ecopliant.org with any questions you may have.

Note:  1 PDH/CDH = 0.1 CEU

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