Becoming a CISEC Instructor

Interested in becoming a CISEC instructor? If so, Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. is interested in your ability to be an instructor if you meet the following criteria:

CISEC Instructor Opportunities

Candidates interested in becoming a CISEC instructor must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Pass the CISEC certification examination,
  2. Been a registered CISEC for at least 1½ years and have been in good standing throughout that time,
  3. Possess a clear and professional understanding of the Rules and Regulations, for your Country, as to how it applies to inspection of construction site activities,
  4. Possess a strong knowledge and background in sediment and erosion and storm water management control,
  5. Have at least 3½ years of documented experience performing sediment and erosion control and or storm water management inspections, or 2-years developing and implementing SWPPP/ESC Reports and Drawings plus 2-years performing sediment and erosion control or storm water management inspections with time including activities performed since becoming a registered CISEC, and
  6. Be committed to the CISEC Program and not be an instructor for any other nationwide inspector certification program.

Preference consideration will be given to candidates possessing:

  • Experience in teaching adults about related construction site items, including sediment and erosion control, and
  • Experience with sediment and erosion control and/or storm water management design.

How to apply:

Interested applicants need to submit a letter of inquiry to Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. and provide sufficient information about their qualifications including:

  • a current resume,
  • list of teaching experiences,
  • at least three references, and
  • If available, examples of classroom material used in their classes.

The applicant shall also detail in writing what they will do to promote growth of the CISEC program if approved as a CISEC instructor.

Review and approval:

Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. will review an instructor candidate’s letter of inquiry, references, and previous classroom instruction materials for eligibility. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed nor will Ecopliant Environmental, Inc. provide exam score information to candidates not meeting the eligibility requirements.

New instructors will team teach with experienced instructors at least two different times. The experienced instructor will provide a rating of the new instructor’s skills as well as recommendations for an applicant’s future teaching opportunities. There may be exception to this guideline if the Board decides a new instructor demonstrates outstanding qualities on presenting material and has an obvious superior knowledge of material being presented.

Please email all the above listed information to  

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